What Blossoming Minds Families Think About Us...

My husband and I were extremely impressed with the cleanliness, comfortability and professionalism of the staff at Blossoming Minds when we toured the center. It was also a pleasure to see how happy all the children were, and how organized administration and staff keeps everything to make sure every child has what they need. I was very happy with how everything is laid out.

I was so excited when I heard that Blossoming Minds was having an infant and toddler program! I was highly recommended to Blossoming Minds and have heard such great things about their programs. When I came and toured the school, I was blown away at how beautiful and clean the infant and toddler building was. I enjoyed meeting the knowledgable and caring staff where I knew this was the place for my little one to start and be a part for all the years of growth to come!!! I can't say enough how clean, beautiful, and professionally run this center is! I am one of those moms that need to call and check a few times during the day where the owner/director Stephanie is so sweet in assuring me my little one is doing great!!!

Blossoming Minds is a great center with staff and management that is excellent in handling their jobs and managing the needs of children, parents, and their staff! Everything is clean, well updated, and modern. Everyone is so friendly and happy being with the children under their care. The children themselves are always happy and busy. They are constantly seeing community visitors, going on field trips, doing art and science activities, and involved with other programs that visit the daycare to bring different experiences to the children. The prices for the programs are very competetive given the quality I'm paying for. Their program is amazing at educating the children and helping make sure they are 100 percent ready for the next steps in their lives. I can't say enough how everyone is warm and kind! Any concerns are always addressed quickly by the owners and staff. The staff is constantly in contact with the parents via apps, newsletters, and emails where the communication is great. It has been nothing but a pleasant experience being involved with this center which is something I can not say about other programs. Thank you!

The teachers here are amazingly loving, creative, and kind! My daughter loves going to school every day and is learning so much! I only wish I had sent her there much sooner!!!

"Blossoming Minds has been wonderful for my daughter. She absolutely loves going to school and has learned so much. The staff is wonderful and a parent can be at ease when leaving a child in their care, it is a nurturing loving environment and I highly recommend them. I can't say enough great things, what says it all is on school days my daughter waking up excitedly asking, "Is today a school day Mommy?!" I'm lucky to have found them."

"Our daughter has been attending Blossoming Minds for the last two years. She loves going to school there. The teachers are wonderful and they have helped her excel in her skills. The office staff and owners are excellent and very nurturing. It is a very safe and engaging environment for children to grow."

"Blossoming Minds is beyond what I can even describe. This is a school that stands apart in every way I can imagine. It is very important that myself and my family are 100 percent happy and involved with where our children are spending the majority of their day. I love everything this school has to offer...The personal experience and relationship it has with families, the passionate, educated teachers, the smiles on the childrens' faces, the beautiful rooms, and overall program. A step above the rest where it is always the talk at our table. So many reasons why my family chose this preschool. All I can say is seeing is believing and I couldn't be happy with what I saw and now believe!!!

"My daughter loves Stephanie and Jackie! They were amazing educators and now amazing business women. In my opinion, there is no school comparable in the county! I traveled 30 minutes to the school because I love their program that much. At 3 my daughter was writing her name, reading many sight words, and even knowing some Spanish! They challenged her in a very fun, loving, educational environment! It was very clean and organized as well. Needless to say, I'm team Jackie and team Stephanie! These ladies are awesome and their programs rock! This speaks all because when my children began elementary school, I wanted to stay with them so I joined their staff! "

"I was looking for preschools for my daughter. I wanted to find that one important, special place for my daughter to be introduced to school and make her first school memories. I was inquiring different preschools, but just didn't get that excitement one should feel when they know something is it for them. All that changed when I came to Blossoming Minds Preschool. When I met the owners, Stephanie and Jackie, their excitement and energy just blew me away. This energy was felt by my child as her eyes were filled with excitement to meet what was going to be her first school and first teachers. The preschool was so beautiful and vibrant, just the place I envisioned my daughter going! I was very pleased with how the tour went and the energy to welcome me and my daughter. Everything I needed to know about their preschool and the program my daughter would be in was explained in detail. I enrolled my daughter with happiness and emotion knowing that I have found "the one" for my one. I highly recommend this learning facility that is the total package of care and learning to parents and their children."

"Blossoming Minds Early Childhood Learning Center is an amazing center. My daughter was the child that clung to her mommy's leg, cried and carried on....the one that breaks your heart to leave. After a few weeks (and a few brilliant tricks by the teachers), she began to love it. She asked everyday if it's a school day, and is surely disappointed if the answer is "no". Miss Jackie, Miss Stephanie, and the staff have such enthusiasm and energy EVERY SINGLE DAY. Oh, and I should mention the learning. My little one comes home singing songs, counting, reading (attempting anyway), reciting the days of the week...all things I never could have taught her at home. It should also be noted that this is NOT a daycare. This is the real deal. A beautiful, clean, and safe learning environment for the most precious little person I know. We were excited to send her back the next year, and so was she."

"I could not have asked for a better preschool for my 4 year old. Stephanie and Jackie are enthusiastic, creative, and quite adept owners in managing and capturing the attention of little ones where they make the best use of the programs they offer. My son has in 4 months (only twice a week) learned to write his name and read so many short words. It is awesome to see how well the classrooms are managed and how much the kids enjoy it. This was the perfect prep in my opinion for kindergarten and I truly wish this facility could be my son's school throughout his school career! This is a gorgeous and well-equipped preschool run by teachers who truly care. My husband and I (and my son) could of not been more happy!"

"Miss Jackie and Miss Stephanie have exceeded every expectation I had when signing my son up at Blossoming Minds. I am more than pleased with the constant communication, from weekly newsletters to emails. From the moment I met Miss Jackie and Miss Stephanie and walked into Blossoming Minds Preschool, I was blown away by the enthusiasm and excitement for learning. My son came home every day so excited about what he had learned. He learned spanish, he knew the 12 months of the year, 7 days of the week, letter sounds, he was counting, read basic sight words, learned about various holidays, and the list goes on. As a parent and a teacher myself, I love that I participated in my child's learning. I was also able to come in and read to my son's class, join him on his apple picking field trip, and absolutely LOVED watching the holiday presentation. All of the students have their pictures and names hung up in various parts of the school. My son was even "star of the week!" I can't even begin to explain how excited he was to see his picture hung up as well as to bring home a "star of the week" trophy!! Words can't truly describe how thankful I am for my son to have had such motivated teachers in a center where the staff love what they do. I HIGHLY recommend Blossoming Minds."

"Blossoming Minds is awesome! My daughter had learned so much in such a short period of time! I couldn't believe the day she came home and told me every month of the year after only a few weeks! The teachers are incredible. They show so much excitement for what they do and my daughter had such a blast while learning! Can't top that! I would recommend Blossoming Minds to everyone!"

"I love Blossoming Minds! All the years my little girl went there & loved it! Miss Stephanie & Miss Jackie are wonderful..loving....gifted teachers & owners that really care about each child. I know that my little girl learned so much in the years spent there and was challenged to her full potential. Blossoming Minds truly is a cut above the rest!"

"When we moved to the area, our first priority was to find a preschool for our 4 year old daughter. We spent time researching and touring schools in the area, but were so disappointed with what we found. Just at the point where I was going to give up and home school, I decided to search once more and thank goodness I did. I found Blossoming Minds and I was so excited. I immediately called and was immediately blown away at the professionalism and sincerity of the owners and staff. I knew then my search was over. I found a facility where the teachers loved children, loved to teach, and dedicated their lives to it. The transition of my daughter from being home with me to going to school was so easy because her teachers made going to school fun and exciting. Jackie, Stephanie, and the staff made her feel safe and cared for and there was no better place for my daughter. I recommend Blossoming Minds to any parent who wants their child to be in a clean, safe, nurturing environment learning so much!"

"Blossomings Minds was the first and last center I toured when looking for one for my 3 year old daughter. It had everything I was looking for, and I had no reason to search any further. I can truly say Blossoming Minds has met my expectations after my daughter completed her first year. I was confident that she would reach even higher goals when she returned and she sure did. I have highly recommended Blossoming Minds to other parents, and will definitely continue to do so!"

"My husband and I could not be more thrilled to have found Blossoming Minds for our 2 girls, ages 2 1/2 and 4. We had settled on another school originally and then we heard about Blossoming Minds. We met with Stephanie and Jackie for a tour before paint was even on the walls of the school. We instantly fell in love with their excitement and passion for the school. Long story short...we gave up our deposit at the other school and immediately signed up our oldest daughter. It felt so good knowing that she was going to be with 2 people who truly enjoy and care for what they do. We were smiling that day...and ever since 🙂 When we concluded our first year at Blossoming Minds, we couldn't wait to start the next. Our daughter has learned so much and has gained a wonderful confidence and an eagerness to learn. If it was up to her, she would of been there everyday (and so would her little sister!). Blossoming Minds has a great environment in which children can learn but have fun doing it! One of the greatest joys was seeing how excited our daughters were to go to school which set the foundation of now going to elementary school! When our youngest one started her first year, she was so comfortable and a part of everything from her sister attending first. It already felt like she was a student before she even was! They impart such enthusiasm about everything they do for and with the children. They are truly a blessing and we could not think of any other place we would want our girls to be for their first school years."

"Amazing teachers, wonderful program & a great group of families!! We ❤️ Blossoming Minds!"

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